About Minimotors

Minimotors are the most renowned, global and premium personal mobility & electric scooter manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1999 and based in South Korea the history of Minimotors is the history of personal mobility. The desire to innovate is built to the core of Minimotors and with well known brands like Dualtron & Speedway, Minimotors have revolutionized and redefined the markets of electric scooters on a global scale.

Minimotors Sverige - Official Retailer in Sweden & The Nordics

Minimotors Sverige is the official retailer of Minimotors in Sweden & The Nordics. As an authorized and official retailer of Minimotors, you can expect world class support & service and a huge selection of authorized spare parts.

All authorized retailers in the Nordic Region must be authorized by the exclusive distributor in the Nordics (Minimotors Nordic). You can verify and get information about authorized retailers from their website using this link:  https://minimotorsnordic.com/retailers/

NOTE: Please be advised of the risk of buying Minimotors products from non authorized retailers, since products sold by these actors does not carry a valid warranty from Minimotors and have a high risk of being used, defective or counterfeit.

Minimotors Product Development - Minimotors Copies & Risks

”Product can be duplicated, but history can’t be.”

The long history of Minimotors and the core idea to always strive for innovation has resulted in groundbreaking & revolutionary achievements in the markets of personal mobility. Due to this reason, it is also the company that has to endure the most amount of plagiarism and copying of their products. Minimotors has the biggest factory for production, assembly and development and it also has the most extensive R&D (Research & Development) process. The components and the vehicles are put through an extensive & meticulous process of quality assurance and testing in order to provide the highest amount of durability and safety possible. This is arguably the most important process in product development that requires an extensive amount of resources to be deployed. This is also where Minimotrs stands out from the rest given their very long history, global presence and unique competence in building high quality vehicles. Therefore we strongly advise against the purchases of products/copies that lack a transparent & verifiable source of manufacturing since these products may be defective, pose a safety risk to the users and their environment and be counterfeit.

Minimotors Quality Demands - In-House Developed Components

”If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Minimotors are renowned for delivering products with the highest quality. The quality mindset is affecting the whole development process and the strive for perfection is leading to very high requirements on the internal components of the products. Due to the high requirements all of the products developed by Minimotors are shipped with almost all components being made in-house to assure that the quality requirements are met. This has been a huge success and has lead to a demand for Minimotors components from other well known electric scooter manufacturers.

History of Minimotors - Timeline

1999 – Established in South Korea

Minimotors is Established in the South Korean city of Busan.

2000 - No.1 In Motor Boards

Minimotors becomes the leading domestic seller of motor boards

2006 - First Electric Scooter

  • Releases the “Silverwing” which is an electric scooter made for adults.
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the American Brand ‘Goped’ in Korea.

2009 - Electric ATV & Foreign Expansion

  • Minimotors establishes itself in China.
  • Minimotors expanderar till den kinesiska marknaden.

2010 – Minimotors Corporation

  • Minimotors is converted into a corporation. HQ is moved to Illsan located in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi-do
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the Japanese Brand “Fukiplanning” in Korea.
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the German Brand “Puma moto” in Korea.

2011 - Fireball Electric Scooter

  • Minimotors Launches its domestic electric scooter called “Fireball” in Korea.
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the French helmet Brand “Frank Shark” in Korea.

2012 – Taiwanese Contract

Minimotors releases the Taiwanese brand “Patgear” to the Korean market.

2013 – Fireball 2 Electric Scooter

  • Minimotors releases the “Fireball2” the successor of Fireball to the korean market. Just as its predecessor the Fireball2 becomes an instant success. 
  • Minimotors Official club called Naver Cafe is opened.

2014 – Speedway Electric Scooters

  • The well known Minimotors electric scooter brand called “Speedway” is launched in Korea. 
  • The Dual Track Vehicle “Shredder” is released. A Standup and robust multi purpose vehicle.
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the Chinese Brand “Uberscoot” in Korea.
  • Becomes the exclusive distributor of the French Brand “Kleefer” in Korea.
  • The service network in Korea is expanded into 18 branches.

2015 – Dualtron: The First Dual Drive Electric Scooter.

  • Minimotors makes history with the first two-wheel drive electric scooter called Dualtron. Dualtron is launched in Korea and takes the world by surprise.
  • Minimotors starts the domestic production of Lithium-ion battery packs in Korea specifically made for it´s premium Dualtron vehicles. 
  • Minimotors is established in Singapore and Australia.
  • Minimotors annual sales exceeds 10 000 units in Korea alone.
  • The official Minimotors club is recognized as the No.1 club in the country.

2016 – Dualtron II & Global Expansion

  • Using the Dualtron Brand, Minimotors establishes itself in The United States and Europe. 
  • The Dualtron II is released, the successor of the first two-wheel drive electric scooter.
  • Minimotors launches the Dualtron Man, the first electric hubless scooter in the world.
  • The Speedway 3 & Speedway Mini 3 electric scooter is launched. 
  • The service network in Korea is expanded into 21 branches.
  • The Kleefer e-Pure, Jeontadae, Fastwheel BringMe, DoubleTen 100i & Eva Super New 340 is launched.

2017 – Dualtron Ultra & Speedway 4

  • The Powerful and famous Dualtron Ultra electric scooter is Launched.
  • The Speedway Nano, Speedway 4 and Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooters are Launched.
  • Releases Dualtron H29E & Dualtron Raptor.
  • The service network in Korea is expanded into 30 branches.
  • New Logistic Warehouse in the South Korean City of Paiju is established.
  • The DoubleTen 100i LIMITED & Etimiti Pro+ is launched.

2018 – 3rd Generation Dualtron

  • The 3rd Generation of Dualtron is Launched with the Dualtron 3 & Dualtron Thunder.
  • The Speedway 5 is launched. The first Speedway with Dual Motors.
  • Logistic and HQ is moved to the South Korean City of Paiju.
  • The Minimotors App is launched.
  • Minimotors Smart electric insurance is released.

2019 – Dualtron Revolution

  • Dualtron Spider is launched. The world's lightest dual drive electric scooter.
  • Dualtron X the king of all electric scooters is launched.
  • Dualtron Compact, Dualtron Raptor 2 & Speedway Leger is released.

2020 – 4th Generation Dualtron

  • Dualtron X II, Dualtron Storm & Dualtron Ultra 2 are released. They are the 4th Generation of Dualtron electric scooters.
  • The Dualtron Eagle Pro & Dualtron Mini is Launched.