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Please read our FAQ before sending a message.


What are the delivery costs when placing an order online?

We offer free shipping on all orders exceeding 1000 SEK (EU Only). Otherwise we charge a flat rate of 49 SEK in Sweden & 99 SEK in Denmark & Finland. All orders shipped to Norway will be charged a flat rate of 149 SEK.

What payment methods can be used?

Payment methods are provided by our payment provider Bambora & Swish. We accept VISA, MasteCard and Maestro debit and credit cards.

In collaboration with Collector Bank we are proud to offer invoice payments and slice payments.

What are your delivery times?

Regular delivery time are from 2-7 working days depending on location.

For any delays, without previous notification, please contact us on our specific email-address:

I have placed an order and chosen pickup at store, when am i able to retrieve my order?

We will notify you as soon as your order is ready for pickup!

How is the electric scooter delivered to me?

Your electric scooter is delivered to your home. You need to be present and carry a valid ID in order to retrieve the package.

NOTE: If the electric scooter is delivered with a pallet, you are encouraged not to dispose of the pallet if you want to have the possibility of returning your order.

What happens after i have placed my order?

When you have placed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your specified email. In this confirmation you will find all details about your order in regards to type/amount of products, price, delivery and home address.

Any changes or amendments to your order must be done before we have prepared your order for shipment. Please contact us immediately if you find any issues with your placed order.

How do i cancel my order?

Any changes or amendments to your order must be done before we have prepared your order for shipment. Please contact us immediately if you find any issues with your placed order.

What`s your return policy?

Navigate to Section 6. "Return Policy" on the tab: Terms and Conditions

What should i consider when returning my order?

The order shall be returned and packaged in the same condition as it was received. Be advised that you are liable to any damages on the products during transportation and therefore take proper notice of how you package the product to be returned. Do not use any tape that will damage the package like duct tape. Use transparent tape made for sealing packages.

NOTE: If the package is received with a pallet, then the pallet is part of the package and must be made available and present during the return.

We will provide you with a delivery address on email.

Do i need the pallet that was included in my delivery if i want to make a return?

The package should be returned in its original condition. The pallet is part of the package and therefore should be made available during a return of the package.


I regularly get punctures!

The most common reason for a flat tire is incorrect tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure is highlighted on the tire. We recommend our users to check the tire pressure at least once every second week. The battery driven pump Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Pump is therefore an accessory we strongly recommend getting for your electric scooter. Another common reason for punctuers is when driving up and down over pavements. To reduce the risk you should instead walk with your electric scooter when going over or under pavements.

In some occassions there might be damage to the tire that will in turn puncture the tube. The damage might sometimes be difficult to spot with the naked eye. Please check your tire carefully for damage before changing the tube. Change your tire as well if you have driven your scooter while the tire has been punctured.

My scooter shuts down during driving with around 45% charge left!

Speedway and Dualtron electric scooters are powerful and if you are running with high capacity/power with little battery charge left, the voltage drop might be large enough during throttling that the electronics in the battery pack shuts down to protect itself. The LCD Display will warn the driver by blinking and losing color. The battery will remain shut down for up to 30 minutes. Therefore when running towards lower battery capacity please adjust your energy saving mode by setting p9=1 and p7=5 (slow acceleration)

My scooter is vibrating when braking!

Your Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) is activated. ABS can be shut down using the parameter Pd=0. 


Any advice on how to drive more safely?

Don`t drive recklessly. Reckless driving is a bigger cause of accidents than high speeds. Do not lean towards the handlebar during acceleration and braking. Drive your electric electric scooter using the balance of your body. (similar to driving a skateboard)

Should i fully charge the battery the first time before driving?

Yes since the cells on the battery needs to be balanced. We even recommend to keep charging your battery for some hours after the led light on the charger has turned green.

How do you fix some screws that keeps coming loose?

Apply blue thread locking (Blue loctite) on screws that easily gets loose. Do not overly tighten the screws since this might damage the threads.

Can i use a pressure washer to clean my electric scooter?

No. You should not even clean your scooter using running water. Please use wet tissues or a lightly wet sponge to clean your vehicle.


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