Care Advice


  • Make sure to have the correct tire pressure when driving, since the risk of getting a flat tire is much higher when this is not the case. Appropriate tire pressure is specified on the tire. We recommend to check this value every second week.
  • Never wash your electric scooter under running water and definitely not using a pressure washer. Use a lightly wet tissue or sponge since electric scooters are not properly waterproof.
  • Do not drive during rain or wet conditions.
  • skrews can shake off during driving so therefore we advise you to check if they are properly tightened. An advice is to apply some screw glue, blue loctite (243) on the screws that you notice are shaky and loose. Do not overly tighten the screws since this might damage the threads.

Battery Lifespan

To prolong the lifespan of the battery we recommend you to follow the advice below:

  • It is not advised to completely discharge a Lithium-ion battery.
  • We do not advise you to charge your battery directly after driving. Please wait for 30-60 minutes before charging.
  • Never charge an electric scooter that is under 0 C since it will cause damage to the battery.
  • Turn off the electric brakes during the winter (Pa=0)


  • Before you put down your electric scooter for the season, you are advised to charge your battery to 50-60% and later trickle charge the battery every second month due to the battery losing capacity even when idle. Never store your scooter with a fully charged battery.
  • NEVER keep your charger plugged in for a longer period of time than needed since it might deplete the battery. 
  • A battery is consumed if it is fully discharged which can occur if it is not properly tickle charged.
  • During the Winter your electric scooter should be kept at optimal circumstances and not outside in negative territory. 
  • The biggest risk for the battery to catch on fire is during charging. Never charge your battery without supervision. Therefore we do not advise you to charge your scooter during the night due to the increased risk. This is actually the case with all products containing lithium batteries. Having said that one should not be too worried about this risk since our electric scooters and their integrated batteries are of a very high quality. Usually the risk is far greater for a battery to catch on fire when you are dealing with subpar products and batteries.